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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weird closets and beautiful floors, that's what our house is made of

Well we have the carpet up and the floors are AMAZING!! Could not be more excited to get them refinished! 

Please don't mind our beautiful furniture. We also removed the weird/random closet clearing up some space.

BIG thanks to Brad and Nicole for coming and helping out. 
Tommy's family came down and helped get cleaned up and the wallpaper off the walls. 

Big plans for the weekend; wall between the kitchen and dining room is coming down, kitchen ceiling coming out, power washing the house and driveway (thanks Dad), and I am still working on baseboards and door frames so we can hopefully start painting!! So excited!!
Well back to my exciting evening...meat sauce!

I will update soon, and a little birdie told me we might be adding some humor to this blog soon...


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