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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It was approximately 3 months ago that Tommy brought up us living together and our new adventure began. We started looking (well, I started looking) at apartments right away when it became very clear very quickly that this was going to be way more difficult than expected. There was one big (not too big) issue that came with this...finding an apartment in a good area that would allow Murray (a pit-bull wanna be) to move with us. After many discussions amongst us and hours of research spent, Tommy decided he was just going to buy a house, a "dog house".

When our home search began it was proven to be just as difficult to find what we were looking for in a dog friendly area that wasn't too far from work for either us. Finally after several drives around Columbus seeing everything from chickens in the backyard, totally cookie-cutter, to places I refused to get out of the car, we FINALLY landed in Westgate.

We looked at several houses in the area and we both knew it when we walked in the door. There wasn't any debate at all. After seeing seven houses that day we knew which one we wanted. Tommy and his realtor (my grandmother) wrote up the offer and shortly after that we were in contract.

After an inspection and a few small issues, we have finally closed and the real fun has begun!
I figured we should start with all the before pictures because the after pictures are going to be amazing!
Check back often to see our progress!! We are excited to share this process with you!

Tommy and Jordan

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