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Sunday, March 9, 2014

I believe in a thing called love

I believe in the thing called love

We have lived in Westgate for six months and love the neighborhood.  There has been an issue of finding Pabst Blue Ribbon close to Binns Boulevard.  The gas stations close to the house don’t carry it which makes emergency beer runs take longer than they should.  Very few restaurants carry it as well.

PBR is without question the best beer on earth.  It would be impossible to renovate a house without ice cold PBR.  The moral of the story is that there is a PBR shortage in Westgate and it was beginning to affect my ability to finish this house.  That changed on February 3rd when Dirty Franks West opened.  

Jordan and I were there opening night and sat at the Justin Hawkins table.  I immediately noticed people drinking PBRs and not just any PBR, 24 ouncers!!!!!  When my 24 ounce PBR was delivered to the table I looked up and saw the Justin Hawkins painting I Believe in a Thing Called Love immediately started playing in my head.  I started signing it out loud to my beer; Jordan was not impressed, and probably embarrassed.  It did not matter though; it was a joyous occasion because Dirty Franks brought PBR to Westgate.

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