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Monday, November 25, 2013

So much to be Thankful for...

Ok so I will get to the house updates shortly (especially since I am pretty much horrible at updating anymore...SORRY), but I have been reading all of the "thankful" posts on Facebook and although I have lots to be thankful for (family, friends, work, Murray) I wanted to take the time to post about one thing...Mr. Tom Butler. Now most of you know we aren't very lovey dovey and not big on PDA but I have somethings to share, the reasons why I love Tom Butler/I'm a spoiled brat/beyond happy and I am what I am thankful for the first 25 days of November.
  1. Every morning I am not awaken by a horrible alarm but by hugs and kisses and cuddling
  2. He tells me I'm pretty when I've had too much to drink and think "I'm dying"
  3. He opens every door for me
  4. He sends me flowers at work
  5. He sends me pizza at work so I don't get "hangry"
  6. He tells Murray he loves him
  7. He watches Grey's with me even though he hates it
  8. He appreciates the work I do and supports me in everything
  9. He makes me laugh
  10. He bought a house for Murray
  11. He never puts me down
  12. He drives everywhere, because I hate driving
  13. Even though he may think my family is a little crazy he loves and appreciates them
  14. He complements my cooking even if it's just spaghetti o's and cold sandwiches
  15. He is fantastic at excel (which makes running my work data A LOT easier)
  16. He plays with my hair or rubs my feet when we are sitting on the couch
  17. He holds my hand no matter where we are
  18. He kisses my forehead when I'm sick
  19. When I fall he doesn't laugh until I do
  20. When things are a big deal to me, they are a big deal to him
  21. He always makes sure I have diet coke in the fridge
  22. He thinks I'm a gypsy
  23. He takes care of the outside work because I hate the cold
  24. He thinks I'm funny but never makes fun of me
  25. He loves me unconditionally everyday.
Now I didn't write this as a "my boyfriend is better than yours" post,  well maybe I did because I think he is pretty fantastic! And the most caring, loving, handsome man and I am so thankful for him!

Okay back to the house...

Kitchen is getting very close to being done! Check out these updates!!

And the living room...

And the super amazing wall of barn siding in the dining room!! It's my fav!
Happy Thanksgiving every one!

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