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Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's About Time for an Update!!

Sorry it has been so long everyone but things have been a little crazy around the house but here we go all the exciting stuff caught up in one spot!

IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!! IT'S HERE!! WOOHOO!!! If you can't tell I'm a little excited to have the kitchen installed! Cabinets are in, I'm in love with the hardware, fan update looks fantastic (thanks Dad!), and CHECK OUT THOSE BEAMS! They are made from the wood from the barn of Tom's family farm. I am a little obsessed with them.

Now its on to finishing floors, getting the butcher block in, creating the island, and a few finishing touches. Still waiting on the appliance fairy but I'm he will show up one of these days haha.

We also got one of the bedrooms upstairs painted, this will be my sewing room. I love love love the color...Tom isn't as big of a fan of it. It is much "bluer" than appears in the photos.

 Well we are preparing for our 500-600 trick-or-treat kiddos tonight and off to

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